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Chasing the Customer … They Change! What to do?

 McDonald’s Dilemma  Customers are Changing Faster Than Marketers Check the financial statements! Potatoes are not the only thing being ‘fried’ at McDonald’s these days. Those of you who have been following the series know that I have been talking not about business strategy or marketing strategy, but Market Strategy. What’s Market Strategy? Read on! Every … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Game Changer!

Game Changer! $ 155 Bn & Climbing       Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. or Alibaba will commence its pre-market debut roadshow  tomorrow, Monday, September 9, 2014. The anticipated first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange is Friday, September 19, 2014. That could well mark the ‘game changing’ day for global eCommerce. … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Quirky

David Subsumes Goliath ?   Will one great American iconic brand be replaced with another?     It may seem a little quirky, but that probably defines American business today. Quirky, a startup company, profiled in my June 20th piece, only 55 days ago, on STORY is now making a bid to buy General Electric’s venerable … Continue reading

Apple Pie and Christine Ah … an American Story

A friend of mine called last year and wondered if I would help him launch a startup company that would sell an American iconic product – Pop Corn – in Viet Nam and Thailand.  Go figure! That project is about to launch. As part of our marketing platform we had the opportunity to engage with … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Schumpeter’s Gale

Schumpeter’s Gale The Winds of Change P&G Cuts 1/2 Brands   “Creative destruction describes the “process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one.” Joseph Schumpeter  Intense competitive and turbulent economic conditions have forced managements to re-examine every aspect of their strategies … Continue reading

media-buy (1)

Chasing The Customer … OMG … TV TOO?

  ‘TV won’t get the job done’ Honda exec. Further evidence of the the inexorable shift of Ad dollar spending to the ‘connected consumer’s’ media of choice … Digital. The media spend shift is not limited to print.   Must See TV — To No See TV?   Up Front Dump?   “Television’s upfront market will … Continue reading

Why Top Performers Get Axed? An Alternate Viewpoint

                  Puzzle… What if top performers should stay … and top management should go? x “If change is happening on the outside faster than the inside … the end is in sight.” Jack Welch “Many companies today appear to be structured for stability … not change.” R/L … Continue reading


Chasing the Customer … Once Again, They’re Moving the Cheese!

After the establishment of the Internet 40 years ago, the Mac 30 years ago and the smartphone around 12 years ago, silicon valley innovation and disruptor types were looking established, profitable industries like Legacy Media in the eye and figuring out how to replace their ‘bloated, archaic models’ — to disrupt their comfortable, fat profit margins … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … WMX

WMX The Walmart Exchange   If you are in retailing, CPG, marketing, advertising, media buying, social media, digital media, legacy media (print, radio or TV) … better click on the below link today.   From Friday’s AdAge: “Walmart met recently with around 200 supplier marketing executives in part to discuss the Walmart Exchange, or WMX, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Klobbers!

 Kroger Klobbers! Data & Digital Power!! Kroger  Amazing !!!   Consider what the Kroger management team, Dave Dillon and Rodney McMullen and the Kroger employees have done. 10+ years of  ¼ / ¼ consecutive growth. Plus: Impressive growth in a challenging retail environment Revenue gains similar to Both Kroger and Amazon are growing revenue at … Continue reading


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