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Black Friday The Relevance Of Being Irrelevant

             Big Bang or Little Poof? If you’re tired of Turkey and not interested in being mauled at the mall, Ignite Social Media posted my Turkey Day musings, click here, concerning the irrelevance of Black Friday earlier today. Might be worth a read. We’ll know Monday … whether my ponderings … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer_Stanley McChrystal
Chasing the Customer_handley
Chasing the Customer_felder
Chasing the Customer_Davidson

Chasing the Customer … 40 Days – Day 20

We live increasingly in times of change  … disruptive and turbulent times … a constant ‘innovation loop’. Nothing stays new or even relevant for long. Change is the constant yet new learning is the only constant in change. Today is day 20, the halfway point on the journey to delivering a daily thought about marketing … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer_Schultz
Chasing the Customer_Able

Chasing The Customer … Echo in the Cloud

Will Amazon change the game from ‘one click’ to ‘no click’?   Things change fast! Earlier today, I wrote about Amazon’s amazing power position in the Cloud. To the average person, that evokes a — ‘so what?’ response. Echo, Amazon’s just launched personal assistant,  that ‘lives’ in the Cloud, might just change, for the better, the way … Continue reading


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