Passing Press

Yesterday I received a letter from the Financial Times stating that as of April 20th, 2013, they would stop publishing in the state of Florida. I was invited to continue my subscription, free for the rest of the year … online.

Earlier this week, the folks that run the Cleveland Plain Dealer announced that they would only deliver papers three days a week. Subscribers were invited to the digital version.

Detroit, Cleveland and New Orleans now … no longer have a major daily print newspaper.

Remember when they used to make all those great movies about the newspaper business? No more, I guess. The passing press. I think we, as a society, will mourn their passing … at some point.

One Response to “Passing Press”
  1. Scott Gray says:

    It’s a shame Ron, the morning ritual with the newspaper and breakfast has been part of my routine for 35 years! I guess I’ll have to supplant the paper with my iPad! It’s not the same : (


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