Chasing The Customer_Not The Competition_Update 4

The Christmas Conundrum: Where did shoppers shop this holiday season?

Bricks and Mortar vs. Online Shopping

Note: Customers send an Online message to retailers. These are preliminary numbers and we do not as of yet have a comprehensive overview of the 2013 Holiday Selling Season. However, it is clear that the Customer is getting very comfortable with online and mobile shopping. 

As of Dec. 26, SpendingPulse, the firm that tracks total U.S. sales at stores and online via all payment forms, indicates that sales of holiday related items rose 2.3 percent from Nov. 1 through Dec. 24. Overall U.S. retail sales rose 3.5% during the holiday season according to SpendingPulse. The International Council of Shopping Centers says sales were up 2.7 percent YOY. [This is probably closer to the Bricks and Mortar number.]

ShopperTrak data indicates that for the week of Dec 16 through Dec. 22 retail sales declined 3.1 % from the same period last year while store traffic declined 21%. [Be interesting to see if these stats get revised or explained.]

Segue to Online shopping. PC Magazine / IBM Analytics reports that online holiday shopping grew 16.5 % over last year. Mobile traffic accounted for 48 % of all online traffic – up 28.3 % from 2012, according to IBM Analytics. Smartphones drove 28.5% of the traffic while shoppers used tablets for 18.1%. The National Retail Federation indicates that during the Black Friday weekend Online shopping accounted for 42% of sales racked up over the four-day period, up from 40% last year and 26% in 2006.

It looks like the Customer is changing. Having a really good Omnichannel capability was probably a more productive sales generator than following the competition and opening on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy New Year!


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