Chasing the Customer … What Happens When You Stop?

At one time three quarters of Americans regularly shopped at Sears. What happened? Many think it was because of planned retail ‘stagnation’ rather than ‘innovation’. Was retail ‘stagnation’ mandated in 1978 with an internal memo called the “Yellow Book”? More on that in the next blog. But allocate 2 minutes and 5 seconds from your … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … but to where?

Shopping center retail space grew a 2 X the rate of the population for most of the last decade. U.S. retailing has basically operated under the theory that the only way to growth was to build more or bigger stores. Today, the U.S. has an average of 23  to 46 square feet of retail space per … Continue reading

Is the “Wolf” at our door?

February is the birth month of two of our most influential Presidents, Washington and Lincoln. On this, the 1st day of February, it is probably appropriate to reflect for a few moments on the kind of America and society we want. Is it the America envisioned by Washington and Lincoln … or depicted in the … Continue reading

Kroger … 10 Examples of How Big Data Delivered

Check the numbers on Kroger and Macy’s.  Read about the changes to their retail strategy that Best Buy is going to be forced to make. Home Depot is about to change its market strategy. Safeway is doing a rethink and is testing large cutbacks on its print advertising expense. Big decisions guided by big data … Continue reading

Kroger … 10 ways Big Data Delivered Big Results

Big Data can deliver big results. Check this out

Chasing The Customer … Kroger’s 10 Years of Empirical Success!

Nobody in the food industry has done a better job than Dave Dillon, dunnhumby and the Kroger team in defining and delivering the future of customer based retailing. Just look at the numbers! Kroger Strategy:  people, prices, products, shopping experience, right in-store merchandise mix, right media mix, targeted promotions delivered by big data insights, retail level … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Not the Competition _ Update 6.2

No wonder Cramer is euphoric in his praise of Macy’s. The retailer reported a holiday season sales increase of 3.6%. That seems to outpace competition although we’ll have to wait for more numbers including the NRF data next Tuesday.

Chasing the Customer … Not the Competition _ Update 6.1

Jim Cramer just released  ‘How Macy’s is clobbering the competition’–how-macys-is-clobbering-the-competition Cramer wonders whether Macy’s had more days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than other retailers did. Cramer gives a pretty good overview on why customer focus and Omnichannel technology is both a good strategy and investment. Thanks to my good friend Jack Hall for sending this … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Not the Competition … Update 6

It was not a cash register ringing holiday season for retailers most had predicted. What will be important is to see how retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s performed against their peers based on their significant Omnichannel investments. Overall, U.S. retailers posted their lowest holiday season sales gain in the last four years, according to ShopperTrak … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer _ What is Big Data Anyway?

Originally posted on Ron Lunde … POTPOURRI:
Humans produce 5 zettabytes of data each year. The average person’s data footprint on a global per capita basis is just a little short of one terabyte. Big Data is one of those marketing buzz words in use every day, these days. If anyone mentions big data in a…