The Zettabyte Multiverse … Delivers Marketing Innovation


The Zettabyte Multiverse

Delivering Marketing

Innovation and Imagination


Document3Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Peter Drucker

Product Innovation is important. But without comparable marketing innovation, Internet enabled information, like price bots and online banner ads and web-pages, overwhelm and desensitizes  customers — and in of and by themselves lead to product and price commoditization — which in effect steamrollers margins and flattens profits.

Marketers and retailers will have to use digital technology to create digital imaginary worlds that have a special relationship to reality-worlds – which can then be extended to how customers think, feel and act. With the proper data analytics foundation, creatives and technologists can, on an individual basis, begin to create digital technology to deliver immersive and fully engaging promotions / information / experiences that effectively fuse the real and the virtual. Think of it as imagination and direct experience linked through digital technology.

Digital Technology is the greatest source of offering imagination and  innovation ever devised.

Creative — innovative marketing messaging can be delivered in one of 8 or a combination of 8 dimensions. [This is what the smart guys, Joseph Pine and Kim Korn call this stuff.]

The 8 Dimensions

  1. Reality – an outdoor walk
  2. Warped Reality – something bent, twisted or just plain weird
  3. Virtuality – surfing the web
  4. Augmented Reality – A GPS navigation system
  5. Augmented Virtuality – Nintendo’s Wii game and wands
  6. Alternate Reality – Gaming
  7. Physical Virtuality – 3D printing
  8. Mirrored Virtuality – online dashboard

In the next Issue I will start providing examples of 1-8 above.  That’s when the Zettabyte Multiverse comes to life.

So if you think about it, you’ve already seen some of this happening. But what happens when you can link structured and unstructured data and add in data input from the Internet of Things.
Last thought – you can measure everything. 🙂
In a connected world this is the way marketing and transaction communications will trend for Gen X, Y and Z.



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