Chasing the Customer … Grandpa Has A Smartphone Too!

Nielsen’s Latest Report

Marco Nedermeijer

I can do this too!

If you are in marketing today — I may be formulating a marketing ‘law’ somewhat similar in scope and applicability to Moore’s Law. [Just Kidding!] Gordon Moore in 1965 wrote a paper which became a time-worn bellwether for predicting computer chip power growth. In basic terms what the hypothesis stated was that computer processing power would continue to increase at a reasonably predictable rate over time.

What we are finding today— and what marketers must understand — is consumers exhibit a similarly predictable pattern for the adaptation and adoption of understanding and utilizing technology — essentially without generational bias. Stated simply; “Consumers change faster than marketers!” If this is true, then marketers must always be alert to detect both a change in consumer sentiment, wants and needs as well as the technology platforms on which to deliver those messages.

Most importantly, it becomes increasingly difficult to ‘pigeon-hole’ consumers by demographics alone as Nielsen’s new survey illustrates.

 The Adoption of Smartphones By Seniors

If it seems like everyone you know owns a smartphone these days—perhaps even your parents and grandparents—you’re not alone. As of Q1 2014, for the first time, a majority of Americans of all age groups own smartphones. In fact, 51 percent of adults over the age of 55 now own smartphones, up 10 percent from Q1 2013, driving the growth in smartphone penetration to seven out of 10 Americans overall (70%). And smartphone penetration continues to grow every day, with 85 percent of recent acquirers picking smartphones when purchasing new handsets.” Nielsen

And … for context you might want to revisit my March 30th blog – Generational Marketing – Oops There Is No Mass Market…no-mass-market/ ‎

Photo Credit Marco Nedermeijer




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