Chasing the Customer … Story Has A New Story!

 The reader response to the first STORY story was very good.
Thought STORY’s new theme ‘GOOD’ deserved a STORY reprise.





STORY’s  new theme asks the question, “Can a company create and profitably sell good products and at the same time contribute to the community good?”

Good!  That’s the new STORY story.

STORY is an Omni-channel platform that spotlights emerging digital retail concepts from a 2,000 sq foot brick and mortar store in NYC. STORY is about innovative ideas and products that create engaging consumer experiences.

STORY inspires innovative brand partnerships with both startup and Fortune 500 companies and shares opinions and experiences from thought-provoking collaborators.

Is STORY creating the next supplier / retailer / consumer — through  its innovative emphasis on technology, physical presence, change, theme, consumer experience — business model?

STORY may not be the next WalMart or Amazon. But it might be a new relevant business model for the SMB entrepreneur. For that reason alone it’s probably a good idea to follow the STORY – story.

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