Chasing the Customer … Can STORY Compete With Amazon?

Jeff Bezos had an idea to sell stuff! Rachel Shechtman has an idea to sell a customer experience! Will Shechtman’s strategy be as successful as Bezos’? Has Rachel found a way to show how small can compete with big?

Rachel Shechtman — is … one of the most innovative retailers / marketers / omni-channel pioneers, Internet marketing experts, PR practitioners, customer experience creators and creative story tellers in the business today. Is that enough to be successful?  R/L



15retail-ss-slide-6PDC-superJumboRachel is the founder of STORY

See how Rachel tells her GOOD STORY:

Elizabeth A. Harris and photo journalist Yana Paslova of the New York Times wrote, ‘Story has the point of view of a magazine’, Said Rachel Shechtman, the owner of the store. ‘A magazine tells stories between pictures and written words and we do it through merchandising and events.’

Revolving Retail   Getting Ready for GOOD


Employees close the store for a week and prepare the space for the next STORY theme, GOOD.  Rachel has created the innovative concept of Revolving Retail. Each time a new STORY is

Getting ready for GOOD

Getting ready for GOOD

told, the store is closed and completely reconfigured from atmosphere to zines.  Most of the vendors are small startups or have found a particular niche they want to serve. You’ll see major brands participate too. And there are always ‘events’ and experiences that animate the customer experience.

Rachel and her team are out to prove that really good retailing is based on ‘story telling’ and creating an invigorating memorable customer experience.



STORY is the story of the possibility of small business success in an era of big box excess.


See how I told Rachel’s GOOD STORY



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