Chasing the Customer … Who Closed My Store?

StoreClosingSign2Macy’s to close 40 stores

Macy’s (Click for USA Today article) will close 40 stores it was announced 9/8/2015.

“Macy’s stock has been hit hard after a month of marlket volatility, with shares down a bruising 20% from the all-time high it hit in mid-July. The tumble snaps an almost seven-year winning streak as the retailer deftly navigated the Great Recession and its lingering aftermath that dragged down so many competitors.” according to USA Today.

Below is my 2014 blog on the subject of the pressure on Brick and Mortar retail space.


 30% to 50% of Brick and Mortar Retail Space to Close?

For those of you who read my January 24th, 2014 blog on LinkedIn, hypothesizing that 30 to 50% of brick and mortar retail space might close in the next ten years or less:

Check out the list below:

Here is an interesting update from Nicole Giannopoulas of RIS News on May 6th 2014.,-close-doors-in-201492633?referaltype=newsletter

“This year stirred up the pot of new store closings, not because the retail industry as a whole is in crisis, but because some retailers have found it difficult (or nearly impossible) to keep up in the fast-moving, competitive retailing environment. 
Following the growth of e-commerce and mobile shopping, retailers have been forced to downsize brick-and-mortar locations in an attempt to “be where the customers are.” Driving traffic to the web and mobile, consumers have cast their vote for which store experiences have value and which ones can be easily replaced. ” 

Best Buy
Coldwater Creek
Barnes & Noble
J C Penny
Office Depot
Radio Shack
Abercombie & Fitch
Family Dollar 
2 Responses to “Chasing the Customer … Who Closed My Store?”
  1. Kevin Killion says:

    Not many hear in Chicago will ever shed a tear for Macy’s


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