Chasing the Customer … Starbucks – Its Always Been About the Experience

Starbucks – Its Always Been About the Experience



One of the things we talk about in this series is changing  retailing from transaction based to experience. From the beginning, Starbucks moved coffee to the experience level. Saw this video today. This is Milton’s Glaser’s latest influenced work. Thought you might find it interesting and a little fun. Next time you go into a Starbucks, you’ll know how — ‘the experience thing’ is done.

Milton Glaser, one of America’s most renowned and creative designers, developed much of  the Starbucks design concepts.

Personal Connection

I was a SVP for Grand Union, a supermarket chain owned by Sir James Goldsmith. Sir James was one of the world’s richest men and probably one of the most interesting. A truly renaissance man in every aspect of knowledge and behavior.

Sir James hired Milton Glaser to design our stores. Milton is one of the most respected and prolific graphic designers of all time. He created, for instance,  the I love NY logo and his work is seen all over the world.

I worked with him intensely for about a year as he created the package design for our Private Label program. I was running PL at the time. We, I should say his work, won a lot of awards, including best private label program in the U.S.

See How Great Work is Created … Milton Glaser A History of Design




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