Chasing the Customer … 11 Main, Inc … Can Amazon Compete?

On May 5, 2014, I wrote a blog, “Chasing the Customer … Can STORY Compete with Amazon? Today, with the introduction of 11 Main,  the question might be can Amazon compete with STORY?

11 Main, Inc.

11 mainIf you are an independent specialty retailer, how do you compete with Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s or even Amazon? Simply set your shop up on Main St or 11 Main, Inc.  to be precise. Check out the Financial Times story.

11 Main, Inc is the first U.S. e-commerce retail presence for Alibaba. It is designed as a shopping destination for selected small retailers, the small retailer that specializes in things different, unique or interesting. Apparently 11 Main has already signed over 1,000 retailers.

11 Main positions itself as ‘hand selected shops and boutiques’

This is how 11 Main describes itself:

  • 11 Main is a shopping destination where hand-picked shop owners connect with customers in a stylish and professionally merchandised marketplace
  • On 11 Main, customers know who you are and can easily visit or follow your shop
  • Build one-to-one relationships with customers
  • Attract new customers with special offers—some funded by 11 Main
  • Receive promotional placement in 11 Main targeted marketing

So now, the little retailer has a chance  to create unique 1 to 1 customer value through an architecture of infinite possibility — at the intersection of innovative products and digital technology. What will Jeff Bezos and Amazon do next?

The beginning of the …

Huffington Post


11 Main is also on LinkedIn

There is also an interesting background at


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