Chasing the Customer … Has Facebook Got You Fooled? Not Yet!

Has Facebook Got You Fooled? Not yet!

In a May posting, Jeff Bullas wrote an article, “Has Facebook Got You Fooled Yet?  Click here and you’ll get his opinion. Read on and you’ll get mine.

If you have been around marketing and advertising for a while …

If you have been around marketing and advertising for a while, you know that some things don’t work – and that things that worked don’t work forever. Marketers and media have long-lived by the FUD factor – fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Legacy media’s worst fear …

The worst fear, or perhaps hope of legacy media – Newspaper, TV, Radio, Magazines, or even new media, e-media, is that e-marketing will eventually evolve a verifiable marketing return on investment (MROI) metric technology. See … even the FUD factor may not be forever.

Who wants to work for free?…

The only ‘clicks’ that count for the CEO and CFO are the ones that eventually submit a payment. To that end, even ‘free’ can be a waste. But if you are getting a proper return on your marketing investment – paying isn’t such a bad thing. (My goodness, as consultants we all expect / hope our clients will pay us for our services. Why shouldn’t Facebook get paid too?)

Perhaps a Facebook like is a strong influencer …

As of yet, I am not sure that we have a good understanding of the ‘purchase funnel’. We’re not sure about the process or all of the possible permutations therein. Data Scientists will someday soon give us some pretty good insights. There are a bunch of Social Apps out there with large followings: Entourage, Flicker, iLike, Text Twirl, Bubble Town, Dopplr and Twitter. Perhaps a Facebook ‘Like’ will be a strong influencer or predictor of purchase intent and ultimately a register ring. And — perhaps that data track will allow us to optimize the marketing effort MROI too.

The sole objective …

Who knows? At the end of the day marketing technology and messaging’s sole objective is to attract, hold and grow a profitable customer! Maybe real customers ‘like’ Facebook!!

But wait – there’s more …

There’s a whole bunch of folks that have opined on Has Facebook Got You Fooled? Click over to

One last thing …

“Incredibly, Mark Zuckerberg has grown up to become an ace CEO—one whose way of thinking might drive Wall Street nuts.”  Henry Blodget, New York

Also look at the LinkedIn Group Marketing Communications:


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