Chasing the Customer … Summer STORY


Pair Craft Beer With Ice Cream?

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It’s summer in NYC

Time to be COOL! 

Pair Craft Beer with Ice Cream?

Why Not?

If you’re 20 something and living in NYC — why not? Rachel Shechtman. the STORY teller and her team thought, ” If you were going to spend a hot summer in New York , why not be COOL?  The ‘innovation’ team of Stef Ferrari, founder of craft ice-cream upstart Hay Rosie and Rachel Shechtman have joined to introduce NYC to the new ‘paring taste sensation … craft beer and ice cream’! Only at STORY!!


But wait … there’s more to cool at STORY …



  1. Grady’s Cold Brew … Iced Coffee concentrate brewed in Brooklyn.
  2. Quirky introduces Aros, a smart new air conditioner that tracks users’ habits and budget, to automatically maintain the perfect at-home temperature. (Customers come to STORY and talk to the Quirky design team. Aros was a Quirky idea that became a product. But that’s a whole other story about STORY innovation. underwear
  3. Patrick Martinez, creator of JIX, shares the story behind his installation at STORY and why cool things happen when you realize the tools to be creative are at your fingertips.
  4. Fashion icon Norma Kamali for her and Max Weldon with ‘upgraded underwear’.

If you’re a small retailer ya gotta be innovative,

ya gotta be COOL — and  ya gotta have a STORY!






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