Chasing the Customer … Tango – Ara – Google!

Tango ↔ Ara ↔ Google


Remember These 3 Names!

They are about to change the game!!!


Regina Dugan 2Also … remember the name Regina Dugan. She is head of Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects Lab (ATAP).

Google is all about innovation. Regina Dugan and her team … well … they’re Tango and Ara. To quote Regina, …””We’re a small band of pirates trying to do epic sh*t.”



Imagination & Innovation Delivered



To see Tango in action, click here:

Tango is a technology that uses multiple cameras to create 3D renderings by weaving together depth and location information. The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

From the Tango team: “As we walk through our daily lives, we use visual cues to navigate and understand the world around us … We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. Yet, our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen. The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion. ” 

What’s the value? Click below for some ideas:

Here is an example of a shopping application. Tango, Walgreens and Aisle 411.





“The smartphone is one of the most empowering and intimate objects in our lives. Yet most of us have little say in how the device is made, what it does, and how it looks. And 5 ARA Designbillion of us don’t have one. What if you could make thoughtful choices about exactly what your phone does, and use it as a creative canvas to tell your own story?  

Introducing Project Ara.”    ARA press release

A bold attempt at a true 1:1 product?


The ARA Project is apparently the first viable attempt at making a consumer definable smartphone. A bold attempt at a true 1:1 product? The Ara team is trying to introduce the notion of interchangeable parts to phone hardware. They want consumers to be able to choose and swap out cameras, batteries, and other smartphone components, rather than relying on those predefined by handset manufacturers, which often make upgrades impossible.

Wired Magazine wrote:

“Project Ara is not just paying lip service to the idea of modularity. As designed, you could pull out the battery from your Ara phone, pass it to a friend, and she could pop it in hers phone without any trouble. You could upgrade your camera to the latest model. But you could also sell your old camera module to anyone else with an Ara phone. In theory, everything works with everything, all hot-swappable, pure plug-and-play.”


The game is about to change.

There are a number of changes coming in the device and I/O space that will be the portal to the Zeta byte world we are about to enter. Looks like we are entering the Black Swan era.

Ara photo by Ariel Zambelich Wired


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