Chasing The Customer … OMG … TV TOO?

  ‘TV won’t get the job done’ Honda exec. Further evidence of the the inexorable shift of Ad dollar spending to the ‘connected consumer’s’ media of choice … Digital. The media spend shift is not limited to print.   Must See TV — To No See TV?   Up Front Dump?   “Television’s upfront market will … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Once Again, They’re Moving the Cheese!

After the establishment of the Internet 40 years ago, the Mac 30 years ago and the smartphone around 12 years ago, silicon valley innovation and disruptor types were looking established, profitable industries like Legacy Media in the eye and figuring out how to replace their ‘bloated, archaic models’ — to disrupt their comfortable, fat profit margins … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … WMX

WMX The Walmart Exchange   If you are in retailing, CPG, marketing, advertising, media buying, social media, digital media, legacy media (print, radio or TV) … better click on the below link today.   From Friday’s AdAge: “Walmart met recently with around 200 supplier marketing executives in part to discuss the Walmart Exchange, or WMX, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Klobbers!

 Kroger Klobbers! Data & Digital Power!! Kroger  Amazing !!!   Consider what the Kroger management team, Dave Dillon and Rodney McMullen and the Kroger employees have done. 10+ years of  ¼ / ¼ consecutive growth. Plus: Impressive growth in a challenging retail environment Revenue gains similar to Both Kroger and Amazon are growing revenue at … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … All Clicks – No Bricks!

   Follow Up! x Amazon & Google … The Perfect Storm? x CGT Magazine just posted that joined the top ten retailers in America at position number 9. “For the first time since STORES Media began reporting on the Top 100 largest retailers in America, joined the ranks of the 10 largest companies, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Find Them If You Can!!

How would you solve this problem? X There are 3.794 million square miles in the United States. You must find 10, 8′ red weather balloons (fully inflated) that have been hidden (placed), but in plain site, at various and random points in the U.S. You may start looking for them on the 40th Anniversary of … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Amazon & Google … the Perfect Storm?

  It’s Like Being Hit By A Tornado & Lightening Bolt … At The Same Time!   Google announced yesterday that it has allocated 1/2 Billion dollars to launch a same day home delivery service from assorted retailers. Amazon has announced that it intends to “… provide 50% of a household’s needs to 50% of … Continue reading