Chasing the Customer … Once Again, They’re Moving the Cheese!

After the establishment of the Internet 40 years ago, the Mac 30 years ago and the smartphone around 12 years ago, silicon valley innovation and disruptor types were looking established, profitable industries like Legacy Media in the eye and figuring out how to replace their ‘bloated, archaic models’ — to disrupt their comfortable, fat profit margins — to find the next billions  of dollars opportunity. It’s called Mobile Ad Spend!!
Once again, they are ‘moving the cheese!’

Mobile Ad Spend

To Surpass Print This Year!

(Moving the Cheese!)

  Flying dollars

Rapid Reallocation of U.S Media Ad $

Overall U.S. Media Ad spending is expected to increase by more than 5% this year t0 $180 billion. The last time media spend growth was over 5% was in 2004 — a decade ago. x

Mobile Ad spend will surpass all of the

advertising dollars spent for U.S. newspapers this year

In 2012, Mobile spend was 2.6% of all media spending. In 2014 it will climb to 9.8% and by 2018, it will account for 26.4%. (eMarketer)

Change is happening. They Keep Moving The Cheese!

According to eMarketer in a June 2014 report, every major legacy media will suffer loss of share between now and 2018 as Digital Media which includes mobile increases. In 2012, the Digital’s media spend share was 22.3%. By 2018, it is expected to be 37.3%, a 13.4% swing.

If the eMarketer  projections hold true, all legacy media, (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Outdoor and Directories) will see a decrease  in media ad revenue spend percentage which also may result in YOY fewer revenue dollars for Legacy Media.

By 2016 projections are that Mobile, by itself, will have a larger revenue share than newspapers and magazines combined.

emarketing chart


Don’t blame it on the Legacy Media Folks … in 2012 they just happened to be at the intersection of Innovation and Disruption when the traffic light changed.

That’s when the cheese got moved … again!!!


 The Impact of (Gen C)

The Connected Consumer  Generation


Mobile Ad Tech — Meet the Connected Consumer!  These are the demographic between the ages of 18-34. They are unlike any previous generation. They were born between the launch of the first Sony Walkman and the commercialization of the Internet. They have always known mobile phones and many have only had smartphones. They are almost always tethered to their mobile devices, social media and often view several screens like TV and tablets simultaneously. They spend an average of nearly three hours per day with mobile devices. 

Needless to say, growing up in front of a screen influences behavior, psyche, attention, information acquisition models and analytical behavior. Data Science will be able to ingest , assess, target and disseminate targeted  messages and incentives in an eye-blink. Mobile advertising may be the best MROI way for advertisers to get branded messages in front of these individuals to sway purchasing decisions. Remember, its the behavior exhibited that really counts, not a demographic age definition. Consumers of any age may exhibit the traits of GEN C and their search patterns will designate marketing, advertising, merchandise and promotion suggestions.

Cheese Happens!


Whether you are my generation or GEN C or anything in between you  can count of taxes, death and Change. Many of you have experienced change. The kind of change that obsoletes what you know or do. You will have to adopt and adapt several times in your life as the pace of change accelerates. Who Moved My Cheese? was written in 1998 by Dr. Spencer Johnson. The book spent 5 years on the best sellers list. It is a perfect book with cheese as the analogy for change — to revisit — and for GEN C to acquaint themselves with for the first time.

Following are some key aphorisms from a mouse named HAW:


  1. CheeseChange Happens  They Keep Moving The Cheese
  2. Anticipate Change Get Ready For The Cheese To Move
  3. Monitor Change Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old
  4. Adapt To Change Quickly The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese
  5. Change Move With The Cheese
  6. Enjoy Change! Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!
  7. Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again They Keep Moving The                                                                 Cheese.

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