Chasing The Customer … OMG … TV TOO?


‘TV won’t get the job done’ Honda exec.

Further evidence of the the inexorable shift of Ad dollar spending to the ‘connected consumer’s’ media of choice … Digital. The media spend shift is not limited to print.


Must See TV — To No See TV?


Up Front Dump?


media-buy (1)“Television’s upfront market will take a turn backwards this season.

A new estimate says that with most of the deal-making completed, total television upfront prime-time advertising revenue for broadcast and cable networks will sink 6% to $18.1 billion from the $19.3 billion tally in 2013, per Media Dynamics.”  Media Post 07.22.14

Toyota Tanks TV


“LOS ANGELES — While TV is “still relevant” and continues to represent an important reach medium for national marketers, it is no longer sufficient for influencing consumers, especially the kind of 20- and 30-somethings American Honda Motor Co. is looking to reach … Assistant Vice President-Marketing asserted during a keynote opening OMMA Premium here this morning. In its place, Peyton said, Honda is turning to music — both live events and a multitude of digital distribution channels (even its own cars) — to pick up the slack. ” Media Post 07.22.2014


My Thoughts:


  1. “No longer sufficient” is a pretty direct statement on the part of a major advertiser.
  2. “Honda’s Peyton: TV Won’t ‘Get The Job Done,’ Turns To Music”  That’s what Media Post’s story headline said.

  3. After experimenting with digital media, Asda’s head of social media, in a DRUM Magazine article, questioned why marketer’s continue to spend heavily on traditional media  after seeing the results of working with YouTube for nine months. Asda is Great Britain’s Walmart and is wholly owned by Walmart.
  4. Customer communication theory and practice — the architecture is being redrawn.
2 Responses to “Chasing The Customer … OMG … TV TOO?”
  1. Wonderful site, thanks a lot !!


  2. Thank you for your comment. Will try to keep things relevant and interesting. Just finished a 1st reading of ‘Understanding China’s Digital Generation’ by Professors Schultz and Block. Alibaba had a stupendous debut in U.S. markets. We live in most interesting times.


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