Chasing the Customer … A New Twist on Data Storage!

Data Flood!

dna2“Data are flooding in at rates never seen before—doubling every 18 months—as a result of greater access to customer data from public, proprietary, and purchased sources, as well as new information gathered from Web communities and newly deployed smart assets.” Mckinsey

How Would You Store It?

“The idea that in order for us to truly create and contribute to the world, we have to be able to connect countless dots, to cross-pollinate ideas from a wealth of disciplines, to combine and recombine these pieces and build new castles.” Maria Popova

Two Harvard Professors, George Church and Sri Kosuri broke through the conventional wisdom. “Why does data have to be stored on a disk drive?” They decided to store it on DNA. Yep … the same kind of stuff we are all made of.

Harvard Prof’s Research Click Here

Remember …

If you wrote out the one terabyte data footprint that the average person produces each year, all the 1’s and o’s that make up a byte, would extend to Saturn and back – 25 times. [Thanks to Erez Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel for figuring this all out.]

Looking forward, they foresee a world where biological storage would allow us to record anything and everything without reservation. Today, we wouldn’t dream of blanketing every square meter of Earth with cameras, and recording every moment for all eternity/human posterity — we simply don’t have the storage capacity. There is a reason that backed up data is usually only kept for a few weeks or months — it just isn’t feasible to have warehouses full of hard drives, which could fail at any time. If the entirety of human knowledge — every book, uttered word, and funny cat video — can be stored in a few hundred kilos of DNA, though… well, it might just be possible to record everything


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