Chasing the Customer … Stop The Presses!

Leaving The Legacy …

        To Don The Digital

Sun Times Management Shakes the Lethargy

of Legacy Media Moguls

“Entrepreneurship is the belief in the ignorance of the experts!”


OK … so I am paraphrasing Richard Feynman’s famous quote,  “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts!”

Yesterday I wrote:


There is no question that ecommerce is both a disruptive technology and ‘shapeshifter’.

There are those that have adjusted — those that are adjusting — and those that still appear … clueless!


Take Sun Times management out of the clueless cubical. The Chicago Sun Times management team is disposing of legacy print media (suburban papers) and pivoting to a digital dynamic.




National / Local ready-to-go / 70 Markets / 1 Day

“Coming to your hometown: A templatized, national/local, ready-to-go network of 70 news sites [major metro markets] and apps that aim to make use of all the au courant digital news business knowledge of the day. It’s called the Sun-Times Network, and it’s the latest attempt to try to do local news at a national scale. It’s turnkey. The big question: who exactly will open the door?” Ken Doctor


Click here: Read Ken Doctor’s amazing article — it’s must read if you are interested in innovative management.

The new venture is being run by innovative media veteran Tim Landon. He’s the guy who put together. (Check out how much that got sold for.) As an old race track railbird once told me … ‘always think hard about betting on the jockey.’


Then there was the line I wrote yesterday about Chicago’s two papers, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times:

“In a metro area of ten million residents, the two metro papers struggle to reach any level of readership worthy of a national advertising buy, according to Talking New Media. Reports are circulating that the Sun Times owner may sell off its suburban newspapers to the rival Tribune to try and stay afloat.”


Moving The Chicago Sun Times from the ‘clueless’ to ‘Adjusting’ column.



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