Chasing The Customer … Echo in the Cloud

Will Amazon change

the game from ‘one click’

to ‘no click’?


Things change fast! Earlier today, I wrote about Amazon’s amazing power position in the Cloud. To the average person, that evokes a — ‘so what?’ response.

Amazon EchoEcho, Amazon’s just launched personal assistant,  that ‘lives’ in the Cloud, might just change, for the better, the way we interact with technology. Echo is essentially …  innovation by design … a cylinder about 9 inches tall and three inches wide with a pretty good speaker and bluetooth connections. No keystrokes needed … just the spoken word. That’s ‘so what’!


Look at this 3 minute and 54 second video!

Click on the ‘watch video button 

                        You’ll get the idea

What Echo means for marketers


Amazon echo family


  1. Mass marketing on a 1:1 marketing scale!
  2. Interconnected devices and services in the home or mobile.
  3. Voice actions … help consumers go from need to fulfillment with no clicks … simply tell Echo what you want using voice commands both single words and sentences.
  4. Key words out … Natural language in!
  5. Moments of Truth … anywhere — anytime! Global shopping done ‘easy’.


A New Form Factor Needed?


Smartphones are about as smart and big as they are going to get. As good as they are, Smartphones leave a customer use gap. What ‘new form factor’ could be made that works in the home? A community, yet personal device? Echo!!!

  • Amazon Echo far field voice recognitionFar Field Voice Recognition
  • Recognition and learning
  • Cloud
  • Advanced 360 degree Omni directional speaker system
  • Bluetooth
  • ‘Cool’ Design

Are there limits for Echo use? Maybe, but suspect we’ll have to think about those limits for awhile. You can bet Bezos and the amazing Amazons have thought this through pretty far out.

Something new to spark consumer interest and demand was needed. Every year American’s want some holiday technology gadget. Echo may well be the top ‘must have’ stocking stuffer of the season.



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