Chasing the Customer … Amazon’s Amazing Cloud

A Representation of the Amazon Cloud

By building essentially the largest computer on the planet, Amazon is clearly at the intersection of digital technology and customer innovation. For the moment, Amazon has a true competitive advantage not only in the physical world of digital retail, but also the digital universe of deliverable information.


The “map” of the complexity of an website, from a presentation at Inc’s “re:Invent” conference by Amazon VP Charlie Bell. Photographer: Jack Clark/Bloomberg

“You can look at this thing and realize that there’s no way that a human being stepped back, and one person thought about all these things, and laid them out, and said, ‘This is what we’re going to go build,'” Bell said. “That didn’t happen.” Instead, the site evolved over time as engineering teams built hooks into existing services.” Charlie Bell VP Technology, Amazon
“AWS has the potential to be the largest business at Amazon long-term, which is significant given that our retail business is a $70 billion business,” Andy Jassy, Amazon VP

Bloomberg wrote a very interesting article. For more information and some fascinating numbers, click here for the rest of the story.



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