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John Andrews invited me to write a Black Friday prognostication on the Ingnite Social Media Blog … The Relevance of Being Irrelevant.

RockettesWe pretty well know now that Black Friday was Blah!  However, I did opine with some suggestions for future Black Friday’s.

To survive in an increasingly competitive retail landscape, marketing initiatives must extend beyond simply an economic discount value proposition.
A relationship has to be based on understanding the individual consumer and delivering personalized value that is more than just ‘X’ percent off. The relationship must be a dialogue.

As consumers adopt new technologies and shop across more channels, marketing technology and programs must be updated and adjusted to approach each customer like a puzzle. The objective is to create a seamless, vibrant, real-time accessible customer communication mosaic … not simply a sterile electronic file of coded bits and bytes – or a price reduction – or banner ads, or circulars.

It’s not just about Black Friday anymore. Mass market events are giving way to a mass of niche markets, 365 ─ 24/7! Making the transition just takes imagination and the willingness to make ‘magic’!

~The Rockettes Got It~


Click below — Don’t miss the video:

See how the Rockettes personalized mass media


Make sure you click on the “Rockettes” Holiday Greeting after you click on the above. See the ‘personalized’ email ad that was distributed as you read through Don Peppers blog.

Don Peppers first sent the above example out. I think it is worth repeating rockettes 3and repeating. This is a great example of combining technology and creativity. It is also a great example of creating a connected customer experience.

  1. The Rockettes marketing team used purchase history to insert the first name and home state of a previous customer into each video email message.
  2. Each message was targeted and personalized. Individual’s first name and state of residence included in each message. Data came from their purchase history.
  3. The campaign focuses on organic growth by re-creating a memorable event for previous customers. 

New York is a defining American city. The Rockettes Christmas Show defines NYC! The Rockettes have created an iconic holiday season tradition. Go see it!

Maybe they just created ‘what’s next after what’s next’ in digital marketing!


rockettes 2

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