Chasing The Customer … Happy New Year


Thank You for 2014

HELLO 2015!

Chasing the Customer was read in 44 countries last year,

according to the statistical wizards at Word Press!

Thank you all of you who took the time to read and comment on my meanderings. Never thought anything I would think or write about might be ‘internationalized’. Undoubtedly my high school language arts teacher, Gladys Kronshagen — from somewhere above — is shaking her head in amazement.

What’s really amazing …

is that a simple individual … not only a major corporation, legacy print form factor, or mass media, or acknowledged pundit could reach a readership audience of  people in 44 nations on every major continent. It’s not that the content was that good … but the  distribution technology sure is amazing! Local is now Global!

The concept that, today, we live in a ‘global community’ is not necessarily news to most of you. However, the reality of the impact of living and working in a ‘global community’ is something most of us have not thought about too much … I would guess.

Living in a ‘connected’ global community is a new reality with, perhaps, profound implications for societies, institutions, organizations and individuals:

A Connected Global Community

1. The digital frontier now provides us with the infinite possibilities of creating collective and individual ‘customer’ value.

2. The developed countries are moving rapidly toward a ‘networked society’ which requires ‘networked organizations’.

A ‘networked society’, as Peter Drucker foresaw it,  will make a ‘networked organization’ requisite. The ‘networked organization’ is a very demanding organizational form — yet one that is increasingly required to be able to adopt and adapt to the changes that technology and human demand is creating.

If you are a consumer, you will expect integrity, trust and shared values. If you are working within an organization you will begin to migrate into an organizational structure that recognizes that customer expectations are the same as your subordinates, peers and leadership expect from you. You will be expected to be able to align goals which requires continuous  communication and good working relationships — to form alliances. It is of critical importance that you are able to resolve conflicts in a ‘networked organization’. Not all conflicts can be resolved, but the ecology of the ‘networked organization’ is biased toward, in a pure Darwinian sense, removing non- conforming organizations, products or people from the network.

It’s a Marketing Relationship

The ‘networked organization’ is based on partnerships and alliances whose general objective is to attract, hold and grow profitable customers by serving them better than anyone else can. ‘Networked Organizations’ are extremely demanding to manage and work for. Traditional command and control structures no longer work. ‘Networked Organizations’ depend upon developing and maintaining strong personal relationships among partners of the the network.

The most important ‘brand’ you will ever market … is yourself

Contemporary business people working in team in the office

Individual professionals and executives will have to learn that they must take responsibility for marketing themselves. This means that above all they must know their strengths and weaknesses and view themselves as ‘products’ that must be marketed.

As 2015 progresses, I plan to explore, with the help of some extraordinarily knowledgeable colleagues that I have the privilege to be associated with, the impact of the digital frontier, the increasingly sophisticated technology platforms, the networked organization structure and the many aspects of developing a critically important ‘personal brand’.

Happy 2015!

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