Retailing … The Next What’s Next!

The Next What’s Next!


Technolgy is changing just about everything!  Well … that’s a cliche future picturethat’s almost stupid sounding these days.

Then along comes Marc Lore is about ready to start a new chapter in the customer / retail experience. Investor’s are betting $220 million that Marc Lore is right. That’s a lot of money for a company that only exists on paper.

Click here to read Bill Bishop’s Brick Meet’s Click blog about Marc Lore’s new start up.  Bill Bishop is an internationally recognized retail industry thought leader. His comments and insights are well worth the read as he clearly explains the next what’s next.

The days are numbered where retailers or manufacturers can sell what they bought or made — they must soon buy and make what customers want to buy … when they want to buy it … at a price they want to pay.

Lore is about to take us to the era of customer agentry … where there are infinite possibilities of creating customer value on the digital frontier … a frontier where consumers not only search for ‘things’, but ‘things’ also search for customers. Think of how Lore’s idea might change customer communication from mass media to targeted messaging. Or … payment system technology. Or … distribution and logistics systems. Or … Customer Experience and Customer Journey Management. Or … even product price strategy, tactics and transparency.

Investors are betting $220 million that has the potential to fuse the real and virtual world with a near ‘frictionless’ experience and become the next … what’s next success.

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