Memorial Day … A Day of Rememberance … A Day of Hope

Mermorial Day … A day of rememberance and reflection …

Over 200 million people around the world heard and saw A Million Voices performed two days ago during the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. 39 countries participated in the multi-week event. Take a few minutes on this Memorial Day to view both versions.

… A Day of Hope

On the day we remember those who sacrificed in times of war, perhaps it is also a good time, in these troubling times, to reflect on Hope.

We are the worlds people
Different yet we’re the same
We believe
We believe in a dream

Praying for peace and healing
I hope we can start again
We believe
We believe in a dream

So if you ever feel love is fading
Together like the stars in the sky
We can sing
We can shine

These are the opening words to the song, “A Million Voices”.  

The song is the entry of Polina Gagarina … from Russia.

And therein is the point … the song is testament to the fact that although we often believe we are different — we are often the same. Listen to the music, Listen to the words … something to think about on this day of remembrance … Memorial Day.

During the 2nd version, note the flags of the diverse countries of Europe waving in unison during the performance. For that moment at least … there was hope.


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