Storytelling … When Reality Is Augmented

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200 Million People

Saw This Performance … Live


Storytelling … the NEW fusion of the real and the augmented


Over 11 million have watched this Augmented Reality  video


Storytelling, one of the liberal arts, is possible in many forms. Whatever the form, the story-teller should have the ability to transport the listener to another time or place.  A story, or advertisement, that fails to capture the listener’s imagination becomes … well, just boring. Augmented Reality Technology, as Mans proves, is a new digital storytelling tool that can be used to connect with people on a human level … to enable them to connect with others … with the larger world around them … and to their dreams within. Simply watch the video to see the magic. Augmented Reality is a digital technology that effectively fuses the realms of reality into cohesive, compelling, rich, robust, individual, authentic, transversal human experiences. Augmented Reality allows our imaginations to become elastic — no longer constrained by the perceived boundaries of the physical world.


Marketers are being overawed by Data Science Technology … but remember … it is the STORY that creates the enriched human experience … that ultimately makes the sale.
2 Responses to “Storytelling … When Reality Is Augmented”
  1. Jim Keller says:

    Ron – Thank you – an excellent message – and appreciated. Jim Keller


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