Augment Reality? … BJÖRK It!

Augment Reality?



Is She or Isn’t She? … Kinetic Sexy Surreal 




Marketing is about to be defined as experiences

The promise of digitally enabled customer experiences that are so immersive and impactful that we are on the verge of a phenomenal change in marketing, media and communication theory — not seen since the start of the Internet — is about to happen.

New, wonderous, immersive and fully engaging experiences that effectively fuse the real, the augmented and the virtual, boosts the prospects of new discovery and invention while revealing the possibilities for new customer value creation.

A host of original equipment manufacturers like Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, HTC, Sony and others are promising delivery of a raft of new devices. Content and technology providers from Mark Zuckerberg to Steven Spielberg are making enthusiastic claims.


Chase The Customer … Not The Competition … Not The Technology

Marketers will have to understand both the customer and technology. The next generation of marketing management is about innovation with a solid foundation in both the liberal arts and technology. Customer Information is the next currency … often more valuable than the product or service itself. Superb customer ‘listening’ is … simply requisite.


Digital Technology Changes The Game. Great Storytelling Wins It!


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