Understanding Augmented … The New Reality Is Mixed Reality


The new reality — is mixed reality …


A new reality — a mixed reality that combines virtual digital objects with the real world arrives within the next few months. Augmented Reality or AR is about to transform our current understanding of what we perceive, our sense of real world objects … by orders of magnitude.

The new reality, rendered in bits and bytes, will be about blending imaginary worlds that have a special relationship to reality — worlds in which we can amplify, extend, and enrich our own capacities to learn, to think, to sense, to feel, and to act.

eyeWill desktops, laptops, & tablets become artifacts? Will a flat surface replace a flat-screen TV? Will the smart phone be repurposed? Is it possible that we will no longer search the Internet,instead will the Internet search for us?  Will what today is a headset be replaced by a contact lens and an invisible ear-piece?


Assemble, Access, Act

To understand the difference between today’s reality based physical world and tomorrow’s immersive augmented mixed reality technology, take 25 minutes and 53 seconds to see what, begining in less than 6 months, the next 25 to 50 years of your life will be like. This video is not just a demonstration of technology, it is also a demonstration of application. Assemble data – Access data – Act upon insights.



One More thing …

Largely ignored until now …


To truly understand the Augmented Reality space and its potential, we need to journey back some 50 years ago to the original premise of providing sensations and experiences beyond the then prevailing context of traditional cinema and broadcast content.

In 1983 noted American special effects director Douglas Trumbull released Brainstorm, a generally unremarkable science fiction movie generally remembered for the tragic death of star Natalie Wood before filming was completed.

Largely ignored until now, the film – which also starred a young Christopher Walken – told the story of two researchers who develop a technology that allows the recording and playback of a person’s thoughts and experiences onto videotape, which others can receive through a specially designed helmet. Fast forward 32 years later and the science behind it is actually closer to reality than ever before.

See for yourself. Art morphs to life!


If the sound does not play in the above video, check the speaker icon on You Tube to make sure it did not get turned off.

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