VR … Worth $$$ Billions


Virtual RealityWorth $$$ Billions?


A Financial Times reporter, Johnathan Margolis begins an article on Virtual Reality … “I may have given the impression that Virtual Reality is becoming a very big deal. … I have to report that I may have rather under-VR ladyexagerated the situation.”

Five months ago, I started a series on Virtual Reality, VR. The New Reality , The Next Reality , and The New Rx for Health Care. After you read the Financial Times article … you may want to click on each of the above blogs.

Today, the Financial Times published a confirming article by Johnathan Margolis. From a Financial Times article , December 1, 2015 ” Our Virtual Reality is bigger than it appears” by Johnathan Margolis. If the link doesn’t work, search the title. It’s worth the effort!

The second new VR thing that happened was a couple of weeks ago, at a dinner given in London for 22 big league innovators by Wired, the British edition of the technology magazine.

To sing for their supper, each diner had to say what they thought would be the big innovation of 2016. Almost all nominated VR. Nobody as I recall mentioned wearable technology , 3D printing, drones or robotics. VR was the only game in town. And these really are people who know.

One Response to “VR … Worth $$$ Billions”
  1. Miles David says:

    Hi Ron,

    Experience teaches me to never under-estimate gee-whiz reports about technology. And VR may be a real next big thing. But I haven’t caught that fever yet. I also haven’t been converted to brain-reading in which the lighting up of various brain areas are considered proof of enthusiasm for the product in an ad. But who knows. VR may be a winner.




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