Star Wars

Star Wars

Setting Box Office Records

at the Speed of Light

in Box Office Universe





$150 million U.S. and $250 million world wide as of 12/18/2015.




Breaking …

Last nights box office sets record!

$1.95 Billion Gross Box Office?



It started last night. The first reviews:


The Best Star Wars Anything

The Magic is back

A spectacular home coming


Click Here: See The Star Wars Trailer!

But wait there’s more …

The Star Wars marketing machine has gone all in. They might have branded almost anything in the galaxy on the way to the multi-billion dollar global box office. The Wall Street Journal produced this video which will be available for the next 7 days … Click Here

 Besides all the movie magic, the Star Wars machine also wanted to find ways to create an interactive experience for their fans. Using some new technology from a company called Verse … they did just that, according to a  Forbes  feature. So now you can go back and see where it all began … if you just … Click Here!

May The Force Be With You


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