Echo ‘Go’?

48 years later … so what happens if Echo becomes our ever-present all-knowing Hal900?

The Guardian produced this rather interesting video:





Farhad Manjoo published an article in the New York Times earlier this week. He thinks Echo is the ‘next big device’ … the next ‘must have’ now that smartphone sales are stalling.

Amazon Echo2 months ago I published a commentary, Rishad Tobaccowala Picks Echo. Last  year, I published my thoughts on the potential of Echo, not only as a consumer convenience, but also, perhaps, the ultimate targeted marketing tool… Chasing the Customer … Echo in the Cloud.

It’s an ongoing, evolving story line … made even more relevant by Google’s developments in AI or artificial intelligence. Wired Magazine published an article, two days ago that makes the point: The Sadness and Beauty of Watching Google’s AI Play Go.

Google AI competion

At first, Fan Hui thought the move was rather odd. But then he saw its beauty.

“It’s not a human move. I’ve never seen a human play this move,” he says. “So beautiful.” It’s a word he keeps repeating. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Seeking Alpha updated the Google AI story today. They describe the complexity of the game and the challenge the developers overcame:

“The victory for the Al program, designed by Google subsidiary DeepMind, has surprised many, including its designers. Go is much more complex than chess, by an order of 10 followed by 99 zeros.”

Google and others are ‘inventing’ machine learning. The implications …soon … they will link AI to Echo like devices. Echo ‘GO’? Maybe they’ll call it …

HAL 9000



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