Amazon Confrontation in Columbus … Update

Why is Amazon Spending $1 billion…

in Columbus Ohio? Update!!!

Kroger posts 1st qtr. results …

Kroger posts 1st qtr. 2016 Results

  • Achieved 50thconsecutive quarter of positive identical supermarket sales growth, excluding fuel [12.5 years … Amazing!]
  • Now offeringClickList and ExpressLane online ordering services in 25 markets

“During the quarter, trips per household were up and units per basket declined. This, combined with more households, led to positive tonnage growth.” Mike Schlotman Kroger CFO

R Lunde_Amazon_Kroger_06042016_Page_1

R Lunde_Amazon_Kroger_06042016_Page_2

R Lunde_Amazon_Kroger_06042016_Page_3

R Lunde_Amazon_Kroger_06042016_Page_4

R Lunde_Amazon_Kroger_06042016_Page_5

R Lunde_Amazon_Kroger_06042016_Page_6

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  1. […] In my previous June 6th blog, I pointed out that Amazon was making a $1 billion investment in the Columbus, Ohio market and attempted to provide a rationale for that investment as well as the competitive risks for traditional brick and mortar retailers. Using Prosper Insights & Analytics Monthly Consumer Survey and additional information, I will endeavor to track and illuminate … The Confrontation In Columbus. […]


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