Amazon Game ON in Ohio!

Amazon Game ON Ohio …

Kroger posts 1st qtr. 2016 Results


  • Achieved 50thconsecutive quarter of positive identical supermarket sales growth, excluding fuel [12.5 years … Amazing!]
  • Now offeringClickList and ExpressLane online ordering services in 25 markets [Kroger’s competitive response to Amazon’s Ohio market entry.]
  • Kroger CFO’s comment during 1st qtr. analyst’s call

“During the quarter, trips per household were up and units per basket declined. This, combined with more households, led to positive tonnage growth.” Mike Schlotman Kroger CFO

You can interpret this sentence to mean that Kroger is using its very sophisticated data analytics and digital marketing capability to attract new customers. The critical question, which we will know the answer to in a few months, is ‘Can Kroger attract, hold and grow profitable customers … in the long term?’

The Growth of Amazon Prime Membership in the Ohio Market

From 11.9% to 31.5% of all shoppers

Ohio and East Central Census Division_Have Prime Membership

Amazon Prime market penetration, based on Prosper Insights & Analytics monthly consumer research, has grown from 11.9% on January 1st, 2015  to 31.5% as of the May 1st 2016 shopper survey of Ohio residents. The Chart also contains data on the US Census Bureaus East North Central Division which includes Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois and Indiana.

10's of millions

For a complete overview of Amazon’s $1billion investment in Ohio and the impact it might have on traditional brick and mortar retailing vs. click …

Click Here

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