Columbus, Ohio …from rust belt to Digital Winner

What? Amazon has invested over $1 billion in the Columbus Ohio region since around 2014…distribution centers and a major analytics facility. That’s nice … but what else did Columbus get?

  1. Since the 2010 census, Columbus (city limits only) has grown 9.3 percent, from 787,033 residents in 2010 to 860,090 in 2016. That’s a gain of more than 73,000 people in that time span.
  2. Between 2011 and 2016, private employment in Ohio increased by 450,000 jobs, far outperforming the regional average of 261,000 jobs.
  3. When Columbus adds 10,000 more residents, it will overtake San Francisco.
Why & How?
The Amazon Effect: When Amazon Comes to Town…It Brings Friends…

Apparently Amazon is not just about Amazon. An investment by Amazon apparently attracts significant other investments and jobs.

Inline image 1
I don’t live there … but, congratulations to the community leaders, business, education and government who had the foresight and ‘courage’ to honor the past, yet prepare for the future!

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