Is The Future Of Retailing In The East?


Is the future of retailing

Is the future of retailing in the East? The creative drive? The New Customer Experience? Starbucks’ future … appears to be in the East not the West. Why? Starbucks opens a new store every 15 hours in China. And … they are Creating the New Customer Experience … there … not here!

creating the new customer



Yep! That’s a picture of a Starbucks! And … Starbucks proves that Augmented Reality is now a reality for consumers and marketers! In China, Starbucks combines the new ‘physical’ with the new ‘digital’ to create the new ‘phygital’ customer experience. Yet…interesting that Starbucks did not go to Silicon Valley or Disney or Apple or Amazon or any US based Ad Agency or technical shop to develop their Augmented Reality product. They went to China and Alibaba. And … it is amazing!!!

Click on the video link below for a great introduction to how AR enhances the customer experience in a visually stunning retail physical presentation.

Mundane is out! Wow is in!!

Click Video Link

This video is a fact statement that stands by itself and should shake the VC and stock market tree for many in the Valley…and all retailers that must compete in the new ‘phygital’ world.

However…Starbucks apparently figured out that the Moby Dick  of retailing creativity no longer swims in US waters and is now, therefore, setting its sails for the South China Sea!

Ron Lunde


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