Is The Future Of Retailing In The East?

Is the future of retailing in the East? The creative drive? The New Customer Experience? Starbucks’ future … appears to be in the East not the West. Why? Starbucks opens a new store every 15 hours in China. And … they are Creating the New Customer Experience … there … not here!


Non-Innovation – Innovation – Re-Innovation

The Necessity of Understanding Innovation

“Business has only two functions—marketing and innovation. “ Peter Drucker

Chasing The Customer … Change Happens

Change Happens! Five generations—for the first time in our history— are now shopping in America’s food stores. Immigration and the ‘Connected Consumer’ are all coalescing to force change.  And … there’s lot of Change happening. Management has no options — but to sense, to listen and to adjust. Bill Sussman of Collective Bias, asked me to … Continue reading

AR … Health Care

AR has a great potential to help us understand our world.

The Next Reality … Mobile Augmented Reality

X New Marketing Acronymn — MAR X MAR — Mobile-Augmented Reality The number of actively used MAR apps around the world will jump from 292 million this year to in excess of 2.2 billion by 2019. Tractica The value of MAR and virtual reality hardware will reach $4 billion by 2018. 90% of the hardware designed will … Continue reading

Storytelling … When Reality Is Augmented

Marketers … Data Science is exciting … but Storytelling makes the sale!

Memorial Day … A Day of Rememberance … A Day of Hope

And therein is the point … the song is testament to the fact that although we often believe we are different — we are often the same. Listen to the music, Listen to the words … something to think about on this day of remembrance … Memorial Day.

Chasing the Customer… Great to Goat?

Apple Watch Good to Goat? or  Good to Great? The results are in. Looks like Angela did do it!  It looks as though Angela Ahrendt’s new sales strategy had the right touch. According to CBS News reports, the first traunch of Apple watches sold out in the first 30 minutes. (Samsung spent a considerable amount marketing the … Continue reading

A Day Thought

From random to relevant — a thought to start your day

Chasing the Customer … A Week of Drucker