Change Eluding Advertising’s ‘Mad Men’

‘December, 2017 was the 50th Anniversary of Leo’s famous speech about taking his name off the door.


Brusing, Thrilling Workplace … Amazon

Front Page Story – The New York Times ran the following headline Sunday: X Amazon’s Brusing Thrilling Work Place X x With leads like … ” I would see people practically combust.”, “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk.” or “Giant retailer tests how far it can push white-collar staff.” … Ok … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer… Great to Goat?

Apple Watch Good to Goat? or  Good to Great? The results are in. Looks like Angela did do it!  It looks as though Angela Ahrendt’s new sales strategy had the right touch. According to CBS News reports, the first traunch of Apple watches sold out in the first 30 minutes. (Samsung spent a considerable amount marketing the … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Once Again, They’re Moving the Cheese!

After the establishment of the Internet 40 years ago, the Mac 30 years ago and the smartphone around 12 years ago, silicon valley innovation and disruptor types were looking established, profitable industries like Legacy Media in the eye and figuring out how to replace their ‘bloated, archaic models’ — to disrupt their comfortable, fat profit margins … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Find Them If You Can!!

How would you solve this problem? X There are 3.794 million square miles in the United States. You must find 10, 8′ red weather balloons (fully inflated) that have been hidden (placed), but in plain site, at various and random points in the U.S. You may start looking for them on the 40th Anniversary of … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Has Facebook Got You Fooled? Not Yet!

Has Facebook Got You Fooled? Not yet! In a May posting, Jeff Bullas wrote an article, “Has Facebook Got You Fooled Yet?  Click here and you’ll get his opinion. Read on and you’ll get mine. If you have been around marketing and advertising for a while … If you have been around marketing and … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Who is Rachel Shechtman?

Rachel Shechtman — is … one of the most innovative retailers / marketers / omni-channel pioneers, Internet marketing experts, PR practitioners, customer experience creators and creative story tellers in the business today. R/L     Rachel is the founder of STORY See how Rachel tells her GOOD STORY: Elizabeth A. Harris and photo journalist Yana Paslova … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Story Has A New Story!

 The reader response to the first STORY story was very good. Thought STORY’s new theme ‘GOOD’ deserved a STORY reprise.   Good!   STORY’s  new theme asks the question, “Can a company create and profitably sell good products and at the same time contribute to the community good?” Good!  That’s the new STORY story. … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … Follow The Eyeballs!

   Ad $ Follow Eyeballs!     The IAB / PwC Chart below graphically illustrates the rise and fall of media spend since 2005   The digital media PR machine announced recently that Internet Advertising now has a larger Advertising dollar revenue than the once and now former king of all media spend (2007 -20012) … Continue reading

The Zettabyte Multiverse … What Carver Mead Said

As we move into the intricacies of the Zettabyte Multiverse, we are learning something new — somethings that are not in our historic frame of reference — remember the following:    “Listen to the technology; find out what it is telling you.” Carver Mead  Caltech   A Process It’s all about varying the variables: Immersion – learning … Continue reading