Amazon Game ON in Ohio!

You can interpret this sentence to mean that Kroger is using its very sophisticated data analytics and digital marketing capability to attract new customers. The critical question, which we will know the answer to in a few months, is ‘Can Kroger attract, hold and grow profitable customers … in the long term?’


Chasing the Customer … Not the Competition _ Update 2

On going update of retail and e commerce stats from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Shopper traffic to physical retail stores fell 11.4% and retail sales decreased by 13.2% on Black Friday 2013, compared to Black Friday 2012. ShopperTrak Black Friday 2013 spending increased 2.9% compared to Black Friday 2012. MasterCard Spending Pulse  What’s the … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … Not The Competition!

“Data is becoming the new raw material of business and economic input almost on par with capital and labor.”  The Economist Feb 25, 2013 Many think the competitive issue facing brands and retailers is about continuously tracking competitors. Many others think the great challenge to modern day retailing is between bricks or clicks, the physical … Continue reading