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3 C’s & A T When Bytes … Bite Back or  why the covert collection and manipulation of consumer data might crash your cash flow what’s next after what’s next Title a tad bit too long for the Forbe’s style book .. but if it interests you …click below.     Advertisements

Amazon Go is not your Mother’s brick and mortar grocery store…anymore

For all those who thought Amazon was going to build a traditional brick and mortar store of any kind … WRONG!

Amazon Through Collaboration We Get Things Done

Ohio had every excuse to remain a ‘failed’ rust belt region. Apparently the citizens of Ohio did not want the past to be their future. Congratulations R/L

Amazon’s Bezos Beats Bricks

Bezos understands that there is no mass market, rather there are markets of mass niches — and Amazon figures out ways to serve them better than anyone else can serve them.

Chasing The Customer … Loyalty – Oscar Wilde

A Daily Series With Thoughts About Chasing The Customer … Thinking About Change  

Chasing the Customer … Is Big Data Transformative?

What will You Do With The Rest of Your Life?   Find Out in 15 Min & 56 Seconds   Kenneth Cukier explains why the Big Data evolution might well be more transformative to mankind than the Industrial Revolution. Get ready to ‘rethink’ who we are, what we do and what we value. Find Out … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Once Again, They’re Moving the Cheese!

After the establishment of the Internet 40 years ago, the Mac 30 years ago and the smartphone around 12 years ago, silicon valley innovation and disruptor types were looking established, profitable industries like Legacy Media in the eye and figuring out how to replace their ‘bloated, archaic models’ — to disrupt their comfortable, fat profit margins … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Find Them If You Can!!

How would you solve this problem? X There are 3.794 million square miles in the United States. You must find 10, 8′ red weather balloons (fully inflated) that have been hidden (placed), but in plain site, at various and random points in the U.S. You may start looking for them on the 40th Anniversary of … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … Does Amazon Have Alternatives to Buying Sears?

UPDATE! Jeff Bezos has lost over $ 6 billion since January 1st.     Does Amazon Have Alternatives to Buying Sears?   My good friend Richard Essigs sent along the following: Basically it gives four reasons for Amazon to buy Sears.   Does Alibaba Change The Amazon Market Strategy? Alibaba is about to … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … How Big Is A Zettabyte?

The Zettabyte series is about the infinite possibility of creating customer value. Digital Technology promises to be the greatest source of information and offering innovation ever devised. Follow the series as we explore how Digital Technology is altering the competitive landscape.   The Zettabyte   Should we know … how big a Zettabyte is? Should … Continue reading