Chasing the Customer… Great to Goat?

Apple Watch Good to Goat? or  Good to Great? The results are in. Looks like Angela did do it!  It looks as though Angela Ahrendt’s new sales strategy had the right touch. According to CBS News reports, the first traunch of Apple watches sold out in the first 30 minutes. (Samsung spent a considerable amount marketing the … Continue reading

Retailing … The Next What’s Next!

The Next What’s Next!   Technolgy is changing just about everything!  Well … that’s a cliche that’s almost stupid sounding these days. Then along comes Marc Lore is about ready to start a new chapter in the customer / retail experience. Investor’s are betting $220 million that Marc Lore is right. That’s a lot of … Continue reading

Redrawing Marketing’s Maps – An EIM Strategy

The Compelling Case for an Enterprise Information Management Strategy   The National Retail Federation, NRF, starts the ‘big show’ this Saturday, January 10th and runs through Wednesday, January 14th. The Consumer Electronic Show, CES, is in Las Vegas this week. Virtually every electronic item at the show is connected to the Internet, Smartphone or both, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Kroger Does It Better!

 Kroger Always Looks At The Numbers! “We continue to differentiate ourselves via the joint venture we formed to create dunnhumbyUSA, a consumer insights company. Years of experience with dunnhumby have made us exponentially better at personalization and individualized rewards. By deepening our focus on our customers, we have redefined our business model and made it … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Starbucks – Its Always Been About the Experience

Starbucks – Its Always Been About the Experience One of the things we talk about in this series is changing  retailing from transaction based to experience. From the beginning, Starbucks moved coffee to the experience level. Saw this video today. This is Milton’s Glaser’s latest influenced work. Thought you might find it interesting and a … Continue reading

STORY … ‘shape-shifting’ the retail space?

STORY You’ve probably never heard of STORY, but it may represent the most intriguing story in retailing today! Why? STORY is the nascent idea that may well effectively ‘shape-shift’ the retail space. How? 1st, read the NYT article by clicking on the link. 2nd, go to the STORY web site by clicking on the link. … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … Not The Competition!

“Data is becoming the new raw material of business and economic input almost on par with capital and labor.”  The Economist Feb 25, 2013 Many think the competitive issue facing brands and retailers is about continuously tracking competitors. Many others think the great challenge to modern day retailing is between bricks or clicks, the physical … Continue reading