I’m so real, I have to tell you I’m fake!

I’m so real … I have to tell you I’m Fake! Watch the Google demonstration in Click Two below … shortly after the demonstration …  ‘Google announced it will take steps to ensure that humans are not fooled when they get called by software bots that can convincingly mimic the human voice.’ Click Here for the full story! … Continue reading

It’s His Rice Bowl

If you want the metaphor that describes the impact of “creative destruction’ …

Echo ‘Go’?

‘At first, Fan Hui thought the move was rather odd. But then he saw its beauty.’

Augment Reality? … BJÖRK It!

Augment Reality? BJÖRK It!   Is She or Isn’t She? … Kinetic Sexy Surreal      X Marketing is about to be defined as experiences The promise of digitally enabled customer experiences that are so immersive and impactful that we are on the verge of a phenomenal change in marketing, media and communication theory — not … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Klobbers!

 Kroger Klobbers! Data & Digital Power!! Kroger  Amazing !!!   Consider what the Kroger management team, Dave Dillon and Rodney McMullen and the Kroger employees have done. 10+ years of  ¼ / ¼ consecutive growth. Plus: Impressive growth in a challenging retail environment Revenue gains similar to Amazon.com Both Kroger and Amazon are growing revenue at … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … All Clicks – No Bricks!

   Follow Up! x Amazon & Google … The Perfect Storm? x CGT Magazine just posted that Amazon.com joined the top ten retailers in America at position number 9. “For the first time since STORES Media began reporting on the Top 100 largest retailers in America, Amazon.com joined the ranks of the 10 largest companies, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Amazon & Google … the Perfect Storm?

  It’s Like Being Hit By A Tornado & Lightening Bolt … At The Same Time!   Google announced yesterday that it has allocated 1/2 Billion dollars to launch a same day home delivery service from assorted retailers. Amazon has announced that it intends to “… provide 50% of a household’s needs to 50% of … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Tango – Ara – Google!

Tango ↔ Ara ↔ Google   Remember These 3 Names! They are about to change the game!!!   Also … remember the name Regina Dugan. She is head of Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects Lab (ATAP). Google is all about innovation. Regina Dugan and her team … well … they’re Tango and Ara. To quote Regina, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Yesterday – 40 years ago

It all started in Indianapolis Yesterday, 40 years ago, a cashier at Marsh Supermarkets scanned a pack of gum and the Uniform Product Code (UPC) started its journey to becoming the standard for tracking merchandise (and just about anything else) at retail.              What’s Next?           … Continue reading