Change Eluding Advertising’s ‘Mad Men’

‘December, 2017 was the 50th Anniversary of Leo’s famous speech about taking his name off the door.


It’s Not Necessary to Change … If Survival Is Not Mandatory!


Chasing The Customer … Drucker Defined – Apple Applied

Customer Experience … Drucker defined – Apple Applied.

Chasing the Customer … A Week of Drucker

Chasing the Customer … A Week of Drucker

Chasing the Customer … 40 Days – Day 20

We live increasingly in times of change  … disruptive and turbulent times … a constant ‘innovation loop’. Nothing stays new or even relevant for long. Change is the constant yet new learning is the only constant in change. Today is day 20, the halfway point on the journey to delivering a daily thought about marketing … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … What Happens When You Stop?

At one time three quarters of Americans regularly shopped at Sears. What happened? Many think it was because of planned retail ‘stagnation’ rather than ‘innovation’. Was retail ‘stagnation’ mandated in 1978 with an internal memo called the “Yellow Book”? More on that in the next blog. But allocate 2 minutes and 5 seconds from your … Continue reading