Amazon Go is not your Mother’s brick and mortar grocery store…anymore

For all those who thought Amazon was going to build a traditional brick and mortar store of any kind … WRONG!

Amazing Amazon Bots

For distribution and logistics, the question has always been the same:’How do we develop the most efficient optimization strategy for distribution warehouse workers to locate, select and ship products?’

Amazon reimagined the same question : ‘What if the most efficient optimization strategy was for products to come to the warehouse workers?’

Chasing the Customer … A Week of Drucker

Extended Hours

My last post was November 6, 2011. Took some time off to have a heart attack. They said it was a ‘widow maker’, but I am still here thanks to a quick reaction to the symptoms and outstanding medical care at Baptist and St. Vincent’s Hospitals here in Jacksonville, Fl. Plus a wife who has … Continue reading