Amazon’s Bezos Beats Bricks

Bezos understands that there is no mass market, rather there are markets of mass niches — and Amazon figures out ways to serve them better than anyone else can serve them.


Iceland Melted… Greece Slipped…China Cracked

The interesting thing about international finance is that even a lot of professional economists don’t understand it very well. But lots of stuff was in the news last week … so here is a water cooler conversation starter to start your Monday. China Shocks Currency Markets: 08.11.2015 China devalued its currency last night by the … Continue reading

93% of China’s Urban Population Will Reach Middle Class By 2030

X 93% of China’s Urban Population Will be Middle Class By 2030 X While American politicians bemoan the loss of America’s middle class … China is creating a Middle Class … and it is ‘Catching Fire’! X Business Insider has recently shared a  chart from a research note published by ANZ’s Greater China economists. The … Continue reading

4th of July Thoughts

Ronald Regan’s farewell speech to the nation X In his final speech to the nation, Ronald Regan shared with the nation his thoughts as to the role of the United States in the world and the responsibilities of those who live within its borders. Regan thought of the US as John Winthrop’s, ‘Shining City On … Continue reading

AR … Health Care

AR has a great potential to help us understand our world.