Chasing the Customer … Story Has A New Story!

 The reader response to the first STORY story was very good. Thought STORY’s new theme ‘GOOD’ deserved a STORY reprise.   Good!   STORY’s  new theme asks the question, “Can a company create and profitably sell good products and at the same time contribute to the community good?” Good!  That’s the new STORY story. … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … Follow The Eyeballs!

   Ad $ Follow Eyeballs!     The IAB / PwC Chart below graphically illustrates the rise and fall of media spend since 2005   The digital media PR machine announced recently that Internet Advertising now has a larger Advertising dollar revenue than the once and now former king of all media spend (2007 -20012) … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … Grandpa Has A Smartphone Too!

Nielsen’s Latest Report If you are in marketing today — I may be formulating a marketing ‘law’ somewhat similar in scope and applicability to Moore’s Law. [Just Kidding!] Gordon Moore in 1965 wrote a paper which became a time-worn bellwether for predicting computer chip power growth. In basic terms what the hypothesis stated was that computer … Continue reading

Chasing The Customer … Does Amazon Have Alternatives to Buying Sears?

UPDATE! Jeff Bezos has lost over $ 6 billion since January 1st.     Does Amazon Have Alternatives to Buying Sears?   My good friend Richard Essigs sent along the following: Basically it gives four reasons for Amazon to buy Sears.   Does Alibaba Change The Amazon Market Strategy? Alibaba is about to … Continue reading

The Zettabyte Multiverse … What Carver Mead Said

As we move into the intricacies of the Zettabyte Multiverse, we are learning something new — somethings that are not in our historic frame of reference — remember the following:    “Listen to the technology; find out what it is telling you.” Carver Mead  Caltech   A Process It’s all about varying the variables: Immersion – learning … Continue reading

The Zettabyte Multiverse … Delivers Marketing Innovation

  The Zettabyte Multiverse Delivering Marketing Innovation and Imagination   Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Peter Drucker Product Innovation is important. But without comparable marketing innovation, Internet enabled information, … Continue reading

Chasing the Customer … How Big Is A Zettabyte?

The Zettabyte series is about the infinite possibility of creating customer value. Digital Technology promises to be the greatest source of information and offering innovation ever devised. Follow the series as we explore how Digital Technology is altering the competitive landscape.   The Zettabyte   Should we know … how big a Zettabyte is? Should … Continue reading