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93% of China’s Urban Population Will Reach Middle Class By 2030

X 93% of China’s Urban Population Will be Middle Class By 2030 X While American politicians bemoan the loss of America’s middle class … China is creating a Middle Class … and it is ‘Catching Fire’! X Business Insider has recently shared a  chart from a research note published by ANZ’s Greater China economists. The … Continue reading

4th of July Thoughts

Ronald Regan’s farewell speech to the nation X In his final speech to the nation, Ronald Regan shared with the nation his thoughts as to the role of the United States in the world and the responsibilities of those who live within its borders. Regan thought of the US as John Winthrop’s, ‘Shining City On … Continue reading


AR … Health Care

AR has a great potential to help us understand our world.

The Next Reality … Mobile Augmented Reality

X New Marketing Acronymn — MAR X MAR — Mobile-Augmented Reality The number of actively used MAR apps around the world will jump from 292 million this year to in excess of 2.2 billion by 2019. Tractica The value of MAR and virtual reality hardware will reach $4 billion by 2018. 90% of the hardware designed will … Continue reading

Understanding Augmented … The New Reality Is Mixed Reality

X The new reality — is mixed reality … X A new reality — a mixed reality that combines virtual digital objects with the real world arrives within the next few months. Augmented Reality or AR is about to transform our current understanding of what we perceive, our sense of real world objects … by orders of … Continue reading

Augment Reality? … BJÖRK It!

Augment Reality? BJÖRK It!   Is She or Isn’t She? … Kinetic Sexy Surreal      X Marketing is about to be defined as experiences The promise of digitally enabled customer experiences that are so immersive and impactful that we are on the verge of a phenomenal change in marketing, media and communication theory — not … Continue reading

Storytelling … When Reality Is Augmented

Storytelling … When Reality Is Augmented.

Storytelling … When Reality Is Augmented

Marketers … Data Science is exciting … but Storytelling makes the sale!

Memorial Day … A Day of Rememberance … A Day of Hope

And therein is the point … the song is testament to the fact that although we often believe we are different — we are often the same. Listen to the music, Listen to the words … something to think about on this day of remembrance … Memorial Day.

Chasing The Customer … Drucker Defined – Apple Applied

Customer Experience … Drucker defined – Apple Applied.


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